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ChatBot - 4X Sales to Some Humans

A recent artificial intelligence ChatBot study by Informs just delivered some very interesting results about how artificial intelligence like a 3D avatar can help your business and also how silly humans can be when they learn that they are interacting with "artificial intelligence".

Here's basically what the study of more than 6,200 customers reveals:

  1. ChatBots are as effective as proficient workers and up to 4 times more effective than inexperienced workers.
  2. Customer conversion reduces purchases by almost 80% when it is disclosed to the customer that they are dealing with a ChatBot!

Although this study was mostly pertaining to outgoing ChatBot phone calls, the results are quite interesting nonetheless.

Our ChatBots with 3D Avatar are obvious and often times we make a point in disclosing that the "real version" of the client is busy helping customers like you!  Our customers have seen some very very good results with this technique. Click Here For A Basic  Example


ChatBots are good but sometimes they can be abused and end up being a turnoff if they are not used properly on your website.

The ChatBot name is a somewhat overly broad term and should be broken down but all ChatBot services use artificial intelligence (AI).

The idea behind these services is to reduce "live" manpower on your website and increasing profits by:

  • Converting Your Ordinary Websites, Blogs & Funnels into SMART Interactive Sales Machines.
  • Engaging And Captivate Your Audiences Attention With Amazing 3D Avatars & High-Quality Text-to-Speech or Integrated Professional Voicersovers
  • Automating Leads and Sales Without using boring Optin Forms or Landing Pages.
  • Replacing Staff and Virtual Workers.
  • Guiding Prospects and Customers To Your Sales Funnel Or Checkout Page.
  • Reducing Cart Abandonments.
  • Offering Cool Discounts and Promoting Timely Specials.
  • Taking New Appointments On-The-Fly.
  • Making Reservations
  • Live Stats and Geo Mapping To See What's Working And Where.

Digital Boost Marketing Offers All That & more (See Details Here).



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AI - The Not So Good

After studying, using and now managing our own artificial intelligence service, we've learned a lot from our mistakes as well as from our competition.

ChatBots can be made fairly fast. Tweaking them can take some time but if you don't tweak your ChatBot for your specific need and your specific website, it will not help your website. In fact, can be damaging.

When a prospect decides to engage with your AI ChatBot, that is a hugely positive step forward for you but if they are frustrated with the response and if it is too salesy, they will leave your site and will never come back.

Each website page you create is unique to your business. Your ChatBot needs to be just as unique.  Many times we have seen the same ChatBot being used for each page on your website.

We highly recommend that you use your AI sparingly and if you have more than one ChatBot on your site, make sure each ChatBot is as unique as the website page it sits on.

3D Avatars. Many ChatBot services don't include "storytelling" 3D Avatars. While they are not appropriate for every website, they can be immensely engaging.  Thus, keeping your prospect on your page long enough for them to get a better idea of your offerings.

digital Boost Marketing 3D avatar

3D Avatar

To 3D Avatar or Not to 3D Avatar?  The choice is yours. However, after reviewing your site, we will make our recommendations.

We offer over 55 different Avatar choices, 20 plus high-quality text to speech.

Our staff includes professional voiceovers with over 60 years of experience as well as professional copywriters.

A ChatBot Tree Has Many Roots

A basic ChatBot simply has one root. The Chatbot will ask for your prospects name and in return give them a product discount or some other benefit (quid pro quo).

However, there are more complicated conversations (if then else statements) where the ChatBot will ask questions to drive a YES/NO response and depending on the answer a different ChatBot root is created.

The more ChatBot roots, the more engaging. The more engaging, the more profits.

DigitalBoostMarketing offers all sorts of engaging ChatBot services and we won't stop editing until you are 100% satisfied.

Customer satisfaction is job 1 and after closely listening to our clients, we opened up our ChatBot service to solve one of the biggest issues businesses face today.

We put the word "BOOST" in our company name for a reason, Our ChatBot service is will boost your conversions, sales, and ROI without having to dig deep into your pockets on advertising or buy confusing software that charges crazy monthly fees!

Mention this post to get 50% off your first ChatBot order.

If you are not satisfied, we won't be either. You will get a full refund.


Got questions? Leave us a message or simply call our office at 617-433-5141 today.

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