3D Avatars work great with our Powerful ChatBot Service | Watch This 2:20 Video To The End

Digital Marketing in Boston is a blast! There is so much going on and the number of college students downtown is incredible.

While we focus on all aspects of Digital Marketing and we cover the entire United States, we are located just outside of the Boston city limits (less than a mile).

Our team loves working with 3D Avatars and our Chatbot service. We are just as excited as the prospect that sees our services for the very first time.

And, as you can see from the video, our 3D Avatars work on video as well as stand-alone characters on your website. We have approximately 40 different life-like characters to choose from and we will modify our Chatbot text message box to integrate beautifully with your website colors, look and feel.


New ChatBot Study | Digital Marketing Boston

So, a recent study by Informs was released.  The study suggests that Artificial Intelligence provides better results than a new employee.  The study goes on further to state that artificial intelligence (AI) may be up to four times better (see our blog post for details).  Although we at Digital Boost Marketing agree with this, the study is very narrow and only address "ChatBot" and AI in terms of phone calls with prospects and customer service.

The study does not properly address text chatting services and 3D Avatars on your website.  However, our internal tests show us that the prospect stays on your website longer and if your website offers something this prospect is looking for, that is a very good thing!

Digital Marketing everywhere (including my home base in Boston, MA) talks about  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and while we are huge fans of SEO many Digital Marketing firms stop right there.  We are not exactly sure why but we believe it is a great excuse when traffic does not create sales.

If you are going to offer SEO, we believe you need to also be offering methods to improve website design and other services to turn those new prospects into buyers.

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3D Avatars and ChatBots Can Turn Prospects Into Buyers

Digital Marketing in Boston can be difficult only because "our" prospects are so busy with their business that they sometimes don't take the time to look at their business at the 30,000 ft. level. If they do find the time, almost every prospect we sit with hires Digital Boost Marketing, not just for our amazing 3D Avatars and ChatBots but they usually will take advantage of our YouTube Traffic driving tools, SEO, web design, and social media marketing services.

To be honest, we love to share our multi-lingual 3D avatars and ChatBot products because we can get this service up and running on your website in about 24 hours. And you will see results fast. Our text to speechwriters are somewhat wise and funny (Boston humor) and when appropriate, we find 3D Avatar humor brings "life" to our fun little guys.

This humor makes for an even more "sticky" website but we also find that if we combine this little humor with a discount code, our customers find an increase in lead generation as well as sales.

Digital Marketing Boston and Beyond

We stated many times that we are from Boston (Don'thate us for loving our New England Patriots) But we don't just service peeps from the Greater Boston Area. In fact, we cover the entire U.S. and Canada. We can also cover outside the U.S. because our 3D Avatars and ChatBots speak several languages.


The problem with working outside the U.S. is that we don't speak other languages.

That being said, the Boston community ranks high with the Latin community. Services do amazing there because our services will auto-translate to the prospect's preferred language.


ChatBot and 3D Avatar Discount | Digital Marketing Satisfation

Our focus is on your satisfaction. Mention this blog post when you call us or contact us and we will give you a whopping 50% your first order.

if you are not completely satisfied, we will return your money. No questions asked.  By the way, we have never had to return a client's money yet and we are proud of that.

Call us now 617-433-5141 or click here to head on over to our contact us page.

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