Google Wants You To Add Structured Data To All Your Videos

It is critical these days to make sure all your video content is structured properly and using Google Search Console structured data recommendations will help your prospects and clients.  If you are not adding a video to your website the right way, Google and other search engines will not be able to find your video and that perfect future client of yours may never find you.


The above video describes how to add structured data using one of the most popular drag and drop web design platforms called Beaver Builder.

Optimize Video using Structured Data

google search console structured data video optimization

We all know how important online video is and it's growth just continues at an amazing rate. We consume videos online all day every day.

The new video report from Google Search Console is designed to help you find structured data mistakes that you may have made on your website.  Most of the time, it was probably more of an oversight than anything else.

nonetheless, this powerful report will help you and your future prospects a great deal.   structuring your video data properly will help Google searchers find your video faster.  So, setting up the video name, video description, video thumbnail, and upload date is vital.

VideoObject Structured Data

Let's face it, SEO is very close if not worse than watching paint dry. However, both paint and SEO are important and necessary. VideoObject Structured Data is used to markup your video to make your video discovered by those that want to see it's content and this will certainly increase your click-through rate (CTR).

Basically. this structured data is Microdata and is a requirement for displaying rich snippets in search results pages.

While there are many other factors that go into video SEO, it is critical that you follow this rule if you want to show up as much as possible in search results.

Using Google Search Console

Google Search Cosole Video Reports

If you are not using Google Search Console, you are missing out on some amazing free reporting.

As stated by Google, this free tool will "Improve your performance on Google Search.  Search Console tools and reports help you measure your site's Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google Search results.

This is a no brainer and Digital Boost Marketing is glad to make sure your site integrates with this fantastic tool.


If you insist on going it alone, Google and Digital Boost Marketing recommend that you follow these video best practices.

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