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With ChatBots, Time equals Money

As the old real estate saying goes, "There are two types of houses, one that has termites and the ones that will get termites.  The same holds true when it comes to ChatBots. Eventually, every website will have some form of ChatBots associated with there site.  The reason is quite simple. They reduce cost by allowing the website owner to employ fewer man hours. ChatBots handle customer service, inquiries, and initial sales quite well.

Chatbots and Technology

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As you may know, ChatBots are an artificial-intelligence-based program that responds to questions via text or voice. The technology is getting so good that many times the prospect or customer is not aware that they are dealing with a "robot".

We have been helping small business for quite some time with ChatBot to website integration. We have found a sweet spot and sometimes recommend a little AI Chatbot humor into our marketing equation.  This subtle humor brings "artificial" life to the sometimes drab 3D Avatar that we join with our AI Chatbot texting messaging service. And our customers are seeing tangible benefits.

If ChatBots are not an important part of your business strategy today, it will be tomorrow.

Our goal as it is with many of our clients is to help increase business without the need to add more to their payroll (adding little or no cost to you).

chatbot process

The ChatBots Process

Well, that image makes things look a bit crazy but it's all true. However, we make the process to add a ChatBot to your website easy. In fact, it's quite simple.

Step 1: Contact by phone 617-433-5141, email or complete the "contact us" form on our website.

Step 2: We ask what's important to you.

Step 3: Review your website

Step 4: Make our recommendation

Step 5: Add code to each of your important website pages

Step 6: Integrate any leads that are captured into your email provider service

Step 7: Provide you with a link to review your stats and leads

That's the nuts and bolts and all this can be done in a day or so unless your site requires some specific unique services.

The key to your success with ChatBots is the automation and we can help you with that too.


Automation is key.  You will get new leads from your ChatBot implementation and if you don't properly correspond with these new prospects with a good autoresponder, your ChatBot will be a waste of time and money.  Our stats and automation tools will keep you in the know.

Our job will lead you to the water but we can't make you drink. Your job is to keep in contact with your new prospect and make them your "lifetime" customer.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is one of satisfaction. We will tweak your ChatBot & 3D avatar until you are satisfied.  You can choose from hundreds of avatars as well as Amazon Alexa high-quality robotic voices.

We also have a staff of professional voiceover actors if you prefer that option.

Our 3D avatars use a unique lip-sync technology that is simply top of the line in the industry.

Basically, we are not satisfied until you are!

satisfaction Guarantee

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